Options to Send Your Files:


Option #1: WeTransfer

Go to the free site WeTransfer.com, type your email address and your destination email address (info@prolabnj.com), then attach the file(s) and click Send. The file gets uploaded from your computer to WeTransfer, which will email us when the upload is complete, and then they will email you when we have downloaded the file.

Option #2: Dropbox

If you have a Dropbox.com account, all you need to do is put the files you want to send in a folder, right click on the folder, and select “generate link.” This will give you a hyperlink that will allow you to share that single folder. From there, all you need to do is to paste that link into an email and send it to info@prolabnj.com.

Option #3: ROES Pro-Lab

The Digital Software we recommend is ROES.

Option #4: Upload Site
Upload Site for uploading images for print only.


Important Information about Digital Files:

Important: use of non-standard characters in image files or order names will cause us to be unable to process and/or print your digital orders.

We ask that you not use any of the following characters in the file or order names:
\ : “ ; ‘ ? * , . / @ # $ % ^ & ( ) + = ( ) [ ] { } < >

Only use characters a-z and 0-9. Please format files as in the following examples:
0001.jpg or img0001.jpg

Single number files should have 00 (zero zero) in front of them, ex: 001.jpg

Double number files should have 0 (zero) in front of them, ex: 010.jpg

Thank you for your help & cooperation!